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Is ventilation a necessity or simply an added comfort to an energy efficient home?

Controlled home ventilation

So you have now decided to build your energy efficient house using ICF or PIF or Styrostones. You are going to great pains to ensure you build it air tight to ensure maximum efficiency. You are aware that it is good to ventilate the bathrooms and W.C.'s to eliminate odour and steam but why do we need to ventilate the rest of the house?

Surely this will just let the heat produced just escape? A great question , however please consider that we need a good quality of air for respiration alone.

Comfort and health

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Also proper ventilation plays a key role in removing excess humidity, airborne pollutant particles and odours from homes. With the increase of energy conserving homes being built and older homes being upgraded, it is even more important to properly ventilate the indoor air, whatever the season of the year.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), dust mites, mould spores, pet dander, smoke, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and other airborne pollutants are forced to stay inside the home. Excess humidity increases the potential growth of mould and the possibility of structural damage to wood framing

If someone in your house has headaches, chronic fatigue, poor concentration, respiratory conditions, such as chronic colds and flu viruses, aggravated allergies, asthma or bronchitis getting the proper amount of ventilation is even more important.

Heat Recovery saves all your energy

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The most energy efficient way to ventilate a property is by fitting a MVHR system.

The MVHR system will extract all stale moist air from a property and replace it with clean dry air. The exhaust air is passed through a heat exchanger to pre heat fresh air being brought in from outside the building.

The ducting for the MVHR system can be fitted and easily concealed within the concrete core of the styrostones. It is also worth considering fitting a whole house vacuum system into the property as this can be carried out in conjunction with fitting the MVHR ducts