Thermal Insulation

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is the pre-requisite for energy saving buildings.

Styrostones (ICF) are the best solution providing you with the thinnest walls for maximum insulation.

wall thickness and insulation

Styrostones are literally set up like child's play on the construction site. They provide a “lost shutter” system for structural concrete

Thus the load bearing wall (nothing is more robust than concrete) needs only a thickness of 150 mm, the rest is insulation. Today most ICF's are made from Neopor which is an EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene or Styrofoam) with improved insulation values.


A Styrostone with a wall thickness of 350 mm will give you an U-Value of 0.147

Compare this with a cavity wall made from two skins of dense concrete which would be the same width but only give an U-Value of 0.21.

The unbeatable advantage of thin walls: More space inside and more light!plus high levels of insulation.